Kathryn Modecki

Kathryn Modecki

Menzies Health Institute Queensland and School of Applied Psychology at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia; Honorary Research Fellow, School of Psychology & Exercise Science, Murdoch University, Western Australia.

Research interests

Programmatically, I seek to disentangle characteristics and settings that protect adolescents against (or propel them towards) antisocial trajectories. My work is inherently translational, with an eye towards progressing the evidence-base for interventions, prevention, and public policy.

How might this research change lives?

My early experiences studying community psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia (with Dick Reppucci and Mel Wilson) very much crystalized a dedication to deploying science in the service of improving adolescents’ lives. Unfortunately, a great deal of policy (and many programs for that matter) tends to be based on assumptions and anecdotal experience. Some of these intuitions may well be correct, but I think we can do better and all of my work aims to address these discrepancies.