Dr Regina S. Baker

Ph.D. graduate of Duke University and currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, USA

I am interested in how both micro and macro characteristics and contexts contribute to poverty and inequality, particularly in regards to families and children, work/employment, and place (namely the U.S. South). In addition to my recent child poverty study, my current research examines: 1) socio-economic (im)mobility and the needs-resource mismatch among low-income mothers of children with disabilities, 2) the roles of family demographic, economic, racial, and political factors in explaining the high poverty in the U.S. South.

With the growing inequality in the U.S., the need to address poverty and inequality is becoming even more pressing. I want to help shed light on important issues that are relevant to policy by contributing to the knowledge base surrounding inequality, and by helping to inform policy and improve programs and services for disadvantaged populations.

Research Articles