Deborah Lowe Vandell and Robert J. Duncan

DLV is Founding Dean Emerita of the School of Education and Chancellor’s Professor of Education Emerita, University of California, Irvine, USA. RJD is Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Purdue University, USA

DLV: I am interested in understanding short-term and long-term effects of early care and education on academic-cognitive and social-behavioral development, with a particular focus on identifying factors associated with persistence versus fade-out of effects over time.
My goal is two-fold: (1) to identify ways in which parents and early care providers can support young children’s healthy development and processes and (2) to provide research evidence that can be used by policymakers and society to inform practice and funding decisions.

RJD: Broadly, my research focuses on understanding children’s development of academic skills, executive function, social-emotional skills, and fine/gross motor skills. I am particularly interested in the role of environments, interventions, and policies for fostering academic success and wellbeing, especially in children facing increased levels of socio-demographic risk.
I aim to conduct research that has the potential for improving the lives of children and families through interventions and policy.

Research Articles