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“Educators, parents and policy makers should all be concerned at the rapid decline in unsupervised free play for children, which may damage early child development and later social and emotional learning.”

Stuart BrownFounder and President of National Institute for Play, California, USA

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Child Development (Ages 4-12)

Effect of divorce on child development less with joint custody – even when there is parental conflict

A global review of 60 studies challenges the claim that joint physical custody reduces the effect of divorce on child development only in low-conflict situations.…
shared parenting after divorce
Child Development (Ages 4-12)

A panel of leading child development experts answer the burning questions about shared parenting after divorce

Do children really benefit from shared parenting after divorce? The experts say yes: over 50 recent studies have demonstrated this. In 2017, 12 global expert…
animal-assisted therapy
Child Development (Ages 4-12)

Animal-assisted therapy for children show promising early results

A systematic review of research on different forms of animal-assisted therapy for children and adolescents has found promising early results, but the research is far…
Child Development (Ages 4-12)
Hitting a child causes damage that may not be alleviated by cuddles and kisses – maternal warmth can actually make things worse
mother poor health
Early Childhood Development (Ages 0-3)
When mom suffers poor health, children do less well – but it’s not so bad if dad is at home
Child Development (Ages 4-12)
In Swedish study, children of separated parents who share physical custody are less likely to be stressed
parent-child relationship
Child Development (Ages 4-12)
Social scientists urge more priority to protecting the parent-child relationship to limit the effects of divorce on children
abuse child
Child Development (Ages 4-12)
Five-year-olds who experience multiple forms of abuse more likely to show development problems
Child Development (Ages 4-12)
Well-meant praise can discourage children

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